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Week in Recap
Saturday, January 21st, 2012 by colby

Last Saturday (Jan 14), James Jean was signing at Gallery Nucleus and I dropped by to pick up the book & got it signed by James “I’m fucking James Jean, bitch!” Jean. Cool dude, awesome artist, anddd I just noticed he drew a penis and signed it. Good Job James, you got me.

All week I’ve been listening to KoreansGoneBad podcast by David Choe, Harry Kim, Yoshi, & Joey. It is probably one of the most hilarious, sickest, raw, intense, real podcast out there. Must listen. James Jean also makes a few appearances on it. But David Choe is such a fucking beast on that thing.

After signing that night, I went to a friend’s birthday party….in a CASTLE in Hollywood! I was kind of tired that night and thought it was going to be at a club in Hollywood so I was going to pass then I hear it’s going to be at a castle! Colby’s in. I couldn’t get any great pics but these will do. It had a bridge, moat, the whole works.

The rest of week I was sick in and out of work but I made some sketches.

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